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Backtrack indie psychological horror

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When four friends go camping on the South Downs, they are quite literally tortured by their past.

Ralph is a 26 year-old regional journalist who’s been having recurring nightmares in German. To help him understand his troubling dreams, his friend Claudia, a 22 year-old hippie, uses her undeveloped psychic powers to give him a profound past-life regression, which floods his mind with memories of being a Nazi commando on a mission in and around the South Downs in 1940.

When his visions of that past existence begin to take shape in his current reality, Ralph starts to investigate. In the hope of piecing together his previous life, he goes on a camping trip to the locations he saw in his regression. He is accompanied by Claudia and their respective partners, Andrea and Lucas, who are much more interested in each other than reincarnation.

What none of them realise is that the past Ralph is trying to find is now stalking them, and it plans to exact a terrible revenge on all four campers for crimes committed nearly seventy years ago.

Backtrack is an intelligent and exciting psychological horror film that explores the dark side of reincarnation and karma. What sins did we commit in our past lives and will we pay for them in this one?

Watch the trailer below:

We’ve all committed sins and we’ve often had to pay for them. As a result, we tend to recall exactly what those transgressions were and when they took place. But what if you couldn’t remember the sins you were required to pay for because they had been committed in a past life?

Such is the deeply troubling premise behind Backtrack. Written by veteran scriptwriter Mick Sands and directed by rising star Tom Sands, the cast includes Julian Glover (Game of Thrones, The Empire Strikes Back and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Mark Drake, Sophie Barker, Rosie Akerman, Miles Jovian and Callie Moore. It was photographed by maverick paparazzo Haydn West.

The film-makers begged, stole and borrowed the money to make the film. But in spite of the small budget, Backtrack was shot at 42 separate locations, though mostly in the South Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty that provides a haunting backdrop to the unfolding of a chilling mystery. The climax, whose blowtorch torture scenes are not for the faint-hearted, takes place in a 15th century barn made from local flint and steeped in its own horror stories.

Backtrack is uncomfortably thought-provoking and will leave you wondering what sins you might have committed and not yet paid for.